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The Chuck Margiotta Scholarship Fund was established in 2009 to honor my brother.  He was killed on September 11th, 2001, while on duty with the FDNY.  I wanted my brother’s name to live on through need based scholarships. I'm proud to say that since the scholarship fund was established, it has awarded over $175,000.  With your help, my hope is to continue to provide tuition assistance for many years to come.  

Chuck Margiotta continues to give through your generosity.  

EVERYONE can donate at: 

Mike Margiotta

Chuck Margiotta was a family man, 20 year veteran of the FDNY, NYC Public School teacher, Actor, Stuntman, Private Investigator, Ivy League graduate, athlete and HERO.
Chuck would be very proud to know that the scholarships that bare his name, are helping graduates achieve their goals.
It would take 10 lifetimes to accomplish the things Chuck achieved in his 44 short years.
There is a tribute site honoring Chuck's life.  The site is extensive, with literally hundreds of stories, articles and pictures, documenting his life.
You can learn all there is to know about him by clicking the link below.

Brown University 1976